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Industry, including its processing technology performance, growth and expansion, accelerating the outbreak of the media industry

policy awesome media industry

in October 2010, the proposal of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development clearly proposed for the first time to promote the cultural industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy. At the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, the reform of the cultural system was the top priority of the agenda, It is proposed that the added value of China's cultural industry will account for 5% of GDP in 2016, and the annual growth rate will be between 20% and 30%, which is the main basis for the market to judge the growth of the industry in the next few years. As a strategic industry prioritized by the state, media is long-term and persistent. Events such as short-term industrial policies will bring volatile investment opportunities. Medium and long-term investment targets focus on thematic varieties such as favorable policies, business transformation, industrial merger and integration, and asset injection

accelerating the reorganization and digitalization strategy of the publishing industry

in 2012, the General Administration of publishing will issue the guiding opinions on accelerating the reform and development of publishing and media groups, encouraging publishing and media enterprises to unite, merge and reorganize across regions, departments and industries, so as to form a group of high-quality market players with outstanding strength, great influence and wide coverage, so as to better respond to the challenges from various new media and outdoor media

cross regional mergers and acquisitions in the traditional publishing industry in 2012 are expected to achieve a breakthrough with policy support, and digital publishing is the main direction for the future development of the industry. At present, the inflection point of the transformation of publishing and distribution to electronization has emerged, especially when encountering some product problems. The General Administration of publishing issued several opinions on accelerating the development of China's digital publishing industry, proposing that by 2015, the total output value of China's digital publishing industry should reach about 25% of the total output value of the publishing industry. As the terminal of E-reading, the rapid growth of users of e-books and e-books has become a strong guarantee for the development of the industry, paying attention to Zhongnan media, Phoenix media and Times Publishing

the film and television animation industry has a good prospect

with the rising advertising revenue of TV media and the strong rise of new media such as video stations, China's TV series industry has shown a rapid development trend driven by the strong demand of downstream. The rush purchase of video stations has become a common trend, driving the rising price of high-quality TV dramas. The entertainment restriction order makes TV stations increase the overall demand for TV dramas, and high-quality TV dramas will become the focus of TV stations in the future. 3. Pay attention to Huace film and television, light media and radio and television media with high-quality drama production ability with 2mm diameter round hole screen or 1.7mm side length square hole screen

the film and television industry will be the industry that receives the most practical benefits from the policy. On the one hand, the benefit of tax relief will be relatively obvious; on the other hand, the protection of intellectual property rights is expected to increase. In 2011, the total box office of Chinese films reached 13.115 billion yuan, 803 new cinemas were built across the country, 3030 new screens were added, and 90% of cinemas have been qualified for digital screening. China's film industry is in the early stage of scale explosion. In the next three to five years, the compound growth rate of the industry is expected to remain above 35%. Pay attention to the future trend of CCTV media, Huayi Brothers and LETV

the adhesive used in the pre production process of China's animation industry is a new bio based adhesive. It is estimated that the scale will reach 32.1 billion yuan in 2012, with a compound annual growth rate of 25%. The animation industry can be divided into broadcast market and derivative market. At present, a complete industrial chain of China's animation industry is forming. In the animation industry chain, the derivatives market is the most profitable link, accounting for more than 70% of the total revenue. It is expected that the consumption of the toy market will reach nearly 73 billion in the future. Pay attention to aofei animation with long-term development potential

expand domestic demand to stimulate advertising demand

the overall development of China's advertising industry is relatively stable, and TV media is still the main advertising carrier. In 2010, TV advertising achieved a revenue of 61.7 billion yuan, Accounting for 26.37% of the total share. The TV advertising market has developed well in recent years. In 2012, the bidding amount of CCTV advertising was 14.26 billion yuan, a new high in 18 years, with a year-on-year increase of 12.55%

the driving force for the growth of advertising market capacity mainly comes from the sustained and rapid development of upstream industries. The domestic demand pull mode that has attracted much policy attention is likely to be initially realized in the next two to three years, and the commercial and consumer goods manufacturing industries will usher in new development opportunities. The advertising and public relations industry benefits from the double benefits of the expanding scale of upstream industries and the increasing competition in upstream industries, and the previous high growth pattern can still be continued in the future. It is suggested to pay attention to the future trend of Guangdong Provincial Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and blue cursor determined by future performance growth

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