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Performance service: new highlights of printing service (Part 1)

editor's note: to maintain competitiveness in today's printing market, only high speed and low price are not enough. Performance services can not only provide you with a new way to stay ahead, but also make you stand out from many competitors

when customers take their printed parts to your factory, they hope to get this kind of performance service. Your salesperson can also use performance services to attract new customers and retain old customers. And if you are lucky enough, every employee can use this word in different production fields. The performance we are discussing here is a kind of service, which can not only enable customers to get high-quality products, but also enable them to enjoy more value-added services

in today's printing industry, if manufacturers want to remain competitive, they should not only work hard on pricing and production cycle, but also take into account the problems that printed matter may encounter after leaving the production workshop. Performance service can not only make you stand out in the printing market, but also may become a stumbling block in the process of your progress, so now the most critical issue is to figure out what performance service is and what it means to your enterprise

what is performance service

for some people, performing the contract is to organize and package the printed products and deliver them to the place designated by the customer on time. For those printing plants that often need to deal with complex up and down travel limiting devices (such as customized products), they can provide customers with complete performance services through raw material and finished product storage, inventory management, selection and packaging, complete sets of tools, transportation, tracking and installation. In addition, engineering design and project management can also be part of the performance services provided by printing service providers. However, no matter what service items are listed on the service menu, the printing houses admit that it is the performance service that has helped them win the hearts of customers

Tim Leary, President of Pro screen company in California, USA, said: the performance service we can provide is to make the product packaging logo appear wherever customers need it. It's that simple. Of course, we also store logos for some customers and have a complete installation department. Once the signs are printed, we will transport them out, install them or store them in our own warehouse according to the requirements of customers. This not only meets the needs of customers, but also fully reflects the meaning of performance

parameters such as yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, non proportional strength and elastic modulus of materials can be tested.

performance service is also an important indicator for potential customers to measure printing service providers. Some retailers do not have enough manpower to display pictures of all products in multiple locations, and the situation will become more complicated when they sell different products in different locations and different promotions. In this case, printing service providers should provide customers with a comprehensive performance service to help customers with logistics management

Jerry gelsomino, vice president of marketing at Pratt, said: retailers want to do more with fewer employees, so they need to rely on external partners to achieve this goal. Now it's different from before. In the past, as long as you have a good idea, you can apply it to all retailers' stores. Now you have to print live parts according to customers' needs and help retailers improve work efficiency. Having some reliable helpers plays a vital role in expanding the market scope and improving the marketing efficiency of retailers

different companies have different definitions of performance services, but one thing is very clear: this service has become an important way for printing enterprises to attract customers

jody Henry, vice president of sales of F.B. Johnston graphics, believes that many companies want to get printing and other supporting services from a supplier for convenience, such as transportation and installation. By implementing the one-stop business philosophy, F.B. Johnston graphics has now been able to attract more new customers with comprehensive services

here is another example. Pro screen often deals with customers who have independent marketing and production departments. In this case, the customer's warehouse is specially designed to package the company's own products, and it is not managed by the marketing department. Performance service has now become an important way for pro screen to cooperate with customers

performance technology

people can use a variety of technologies to establish or enhance their performance procedures. Some companies only need to use email to track orders, paper, and other items; There are also some enterprises that need to use advanced software platforms to connect everything together. It is also a good choice to transfer all work to the network, which can enable customers to more fully participate in the process of contract implementation and play a more active role in order management

in terms of information input, Pratt Company generally uses network survey to collect, record and sort out information, while in terms of operation, the company adopts ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The main function of ERP is to integrate all department functions of a company into one system, so as to meet the needs of each department. At present, ERP company decides to upgrade its ERP system to adapt to the changes of the market and meet the needs of customers

Gelsomino said: we have a very effective core ERP system. We have used a very good system from the beginning. Even by today's standards, it is a very good system, and we have very capable IT staff, who can adjust and modify our system at any time according to changes in the situation. Now, we are ready to use the new version (2008) system, and great changes will come soon

f.b. Johnston graphics uses pops (point of purchase software, a customized program written within the enterprise) to manage and classify all information related to customers' chain stores. Henry explained that they made a feature description file for each store. This software can not only capture more useful data, but also has a close relationship with all performance services of F.B. Johnston graphics. He said: then we will enter the formulation process of the promotion plan, discuss the details of the promotion and determine the promotion location. Through a series of screening, we will finally get a packaging list, so that our performance personnel can accurately package the products

think big solutions uses Networking software to process and track orders. According to Gail Mason, the process director of the company, the networking system can bring them more business and make customers satisfied. In addition, the company also uses printing, trade show booth management, logistics and other technologies to provide services to customers

email and spreadsheets help Pro screen ensure smooth communication and accurate classification of information. Whenever someone takes something from the warehouse, the staff in charge of the warehouse will modify the contents of the spreadsheet and send the inventory table to each customer every month to let them know about the items stored in Pro screen. When the inventory of products is lower than a certain point, they will remind customers that it is time to reorder. He said: This is an ideal situation. Maybe we haven't made all the preparations at present, but once you adopt this inventory method, you must find a reasonable way to ensure that customers know the product situation in time. When they want to make inventory lists for their company, they will certainly arrange everything

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outsourcing is an effective way to deal with customers' special requirements. Outsourcing of performance services allows you to determine whether it is the type of service you like to provide, and flip boxes, plastic trays, etc. can reduce the risk of your allocation of resources

many printing houses have established long-term cooperative relations with enterprises that specially provide performance services. Fulfill plus is one of them. What it is best at is the performance of P-O-P products. The services the company can provide include: order receiving, assistance in distribution, product assembly, transportation, reporting, real-time inventory updating, storage, climate control storage and order implementation

Joe Isaac, President of fulfill plus, explained that the company could establish a technical framework for printing customers so that they could see the progress of performance services. Joe Isaac said: we have brought our customers the ability to perform, and we want to turn the performance service into a kind of self-service. Although all our employees are customer service personnel, consumers can also manage their live parts in many ways. Every customer has their own entrance, and according to their different requirements, they can see more or less things

isaac's many customers require fulfill plus to provide them with printing services. Therefore, the company established a production department that can carry out silk printing, thermal sublimation printing, rotary silk printing, pad printing and other printing. According to Isaac, the company has received more than 50000 printing orders so far

outsourcing service is also an attractive option for printing plants that lack time, space and human resources. Pratt, for example, has its own outsourcing partners to evaluate the value and feasibility of repeatedly performing services before making commitments

? Gelsomino explained: This is a valuable opportunity to try. Since we often meet customers with special requirements, we can use this method to comprehensively control production. I think it needs to be tested like any new service we launch, otherwise we can't judge its development prospects and whether it is suitable for us

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