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Perfect interpretation of the top event of packaging and printing

on August, 2008, Lihua international upholstery Exhibition 2008, Lihua international color box Exhibition 2008 and Lihua International Corrugated Exhibition 2008 China exhibition will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan at the same time. The organizer, Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., with its rich and solid resource base and excellent reputation in the industry over the years, Comprehensively and organically integrate the representative exhibitions of the three industries, and launch the new 2008 Lihua packaging container processing series exhibition, namely converting 2008

the three exhibitions are held at the same time and in the same place, which not only ensures the professional independence of each exhibition, but also reveals the correlation and laws between them. At that time, converting 2008 will further subdivide the packaging container market, go deep into the supply chains of the three industries, strive to present the different processes of container processing and packaging printing to the industry systematically and professionally, and create a one-stop procurement platform that can meet the needs of users for the three categories of packaging, showing the strong charm of the packaging and printing industry in the exhibition area of 50000 square meters

packaging family, participate together. As more and more carton factories, color box factories and soft bag factories begin to diversify their businesses, comprehensive integration is bound to be the general trend. Therefore, domestic packaging and printing factories are eager to have a professional exhibition integrating the three industries. It is at this opportunity that the 2008 Lihua packaging and container processing series exhibition (converting 2008) is about to appear, so that professional visitors will have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with well-known domestic and foreign flexible packaging, color box and corrugated box processing and manufacturing equipment, raw materials and service suppliers, timely grasp the latest information in the field of global container processing and packaging printing, and witness the world's leading flexible packaging Comparison between color box and silicone carbon cathode material battery for 3D printing, and release of corrugated box machinery and consumables

2008 Lihua international soft packaging exhibition will guide the market to reassemble

2008 Lihua international soft packaging exhibition will bring together many world-renowned suppliers of soft packaging equipment and consumables, display the world's leading soft packaging equipment, consumables and related supporting services, convey the development trend of the soft packaging industry, and strive to provide a full set of packaging solutions for soft packaging users, It is a professional event covering the whole supply chain of the flexible packaging industry

since the first exhibition was successfully held, Lihua international soft packaging exhibition, which has had three successful experiences, has revealed strong professionalism in terms of exhibition theme, scale and grade, and professional services, and has achieved an unshakable professional position in the field of soft packaging in China and even Asia. While 2008 Lihua international soft packaging exhibition will continue to uphold the fine tradition of taking soft packaging as the sole theme of the previous three exhibitions, And on this basis, forge ahead, seek innovation, combined with the current development trend of the domestic upholstery industry, seek in-depth cooperation with foreign professional associations, and strive to create a brand exhibition in the upholstery industry

Lihua international corrugation Exhibition 2008 China exhibition will be comprehensively upgraded nationwide

Lihua international corrugation Exhibition 2008 China exhibition will be the largest and most influential exhibition in the global corrugated box industry in 2008, and it will also be the only professional exhibition with corrugated box as the theme in China in 2008, which will surely attract the common attention of many people in the industry

unlike the previous Lihua International Corrugated exhibition satellite exhibition, this exhibition will be held in the region with the most developed corrugated box packaging in China. From the previous regional satellite exhibition, it will be upgraded to a national China exhibition. Both the number and quality of exhibitors and exhibitors will soar. If you are not careful, the sheet metal will be scratched. At that time, professional exhibitors from the corrugated box industry will comprehensively display their new products, new technologies and new solutions through the platform carefully built by the organizer. Many people in the industry can witness the rapid development and changes of the global corrugated box industry through this grand event, and formulate new procurement plans

2008 Lihua international color box exhibition focuses on color boxes to lead the market

after the unprecedented success of 2007 Lihua international color box exhibition, the organizer will once again choose the region with the most developed printing and packaging industry in South China through careful industry investigation and careful market research. At that time, well-known color box processing and manufacturing equipment, raw materials and service suppliers at home and abroad will gather together, Display the world's leading color box processing and manufacturing equipment, raw materials and supporting services

adhering to the value proposition of the last exhibition to guide the demand orientation of the color box market, provide color box processing solutions, and show the innovative elements of the color box industry, Lihua international color box Exhibition 2008 will continue to use 3D printing of environmental friendly plastics, and can also realize the localization of product production, closely follow the color box theme, focus on the color box field, segment the color box market, go deep into the color box supply chain, and find the demand orientation of terminal color box users in different industries, Meet personalized customer needs and comprehensively drive the development of color box technology

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