The hottest perfect solution is the zinc air batte

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The perfect solution is zinc air battery. The storage capacity is five times that of lithium battery.

chemical engineering tensile testing machine of the University of Sydney (usyd) and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore: Cheng researchers have developed a new battery technology - zinc air battery. Researchers believe that it can be used in electronic products to replace lithium-ion batteries

it is understood that zinc air batteries previously used expensive metals such as platinum and iridium oxide as catalysts, so their application scope is limited to a small part of electronic equipment, such as hearing aids and railway signal systems. Now new technologies have begun to use high-performance, low-cost catalysts, which are crystallized from metal oxides such as iron, cobalt and nickel

zinc air battery is a kind of metal air battery. It produces electric energy by oxidizing zinc in the air. Compared with traditional lithium-ion battery, it has the characteristics of large power storage, safety and environmental protection, and lower cost. Lithium ion battery has become the default battery option for intelligent and electric vehicles due to its portability and high power supply rate. However, due to its nature, short circuit will cause very serious consequences. The zinc metal used in zinc air battery is rich in resources, and it is not as easy to short circuit as lithium-ion battery. Its power storage capacity is five times that of lithium-ion battery

"our method can produce many catalysts with high performance and low cost." Professor Yuanchen from the Department of engineering and technology of the University of Sydney said, "we are working to solve some basic scientific and technological problems, hoping to develop sustainable metal air batteries for our society."

automatic peak measurement demand is freely set, I have to say, If this kind of battery can replace the lithium-ion battery and be used in the smart series pendulum impact tester in the future, the experimental analysis and research work will be published in the International Journal of power sources and other electronic devices. On the one hand, the endurance capacity can be increased, and on the other hand, smart energy is expected to add more functions. Other rechargeable metal air batteries also include the use of magnesium and graphene

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