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According to a comprehensive report of this newspaper, according to some prestigious fragrance manufacturers, many celebrity perfume and improved similar products "grabbed" the original charm of the perfume industry. Ali copman, vice president of Chanel, said, "the same name continues to appear on TV and newspapers, bombarding people with fatigue. I call it 'Paris Hilton syndrome'. Naming perfume after such a name can only reduce its taste. In the long run, I think this method can only hinder the production of perfume. This equipment is often used in the development of the communication industry." However, Chanel also chose the famous actress Nicole Kidman as the spokesperson of the famous Chanel No. 5 this season

in fact, perfume companies hope to cultivate a brand for a long time and enter the experimental program. Bosgay Chavin said, "only when a perfume becomes a classic can it bring benefits to the company." But now it's getting harder and harder. Perfume bottles and outsourcing China's ban on importing recycled materials have an impact on foreign countries. Designer Kenneth Hurst said that in the past, the standard time to cultivate a perfume brand was 20 years, but now consumers often lose interest in perfume that has just been launched for a year or two

perfume consultant Aaron mottes said that this is the problem of the perfume industry now. Since 1997, the sales volume of perfume in department stores has increased by 18%, but the total revenue is basically flat. Mottes said, "the major companies have launched more and more new products, but they just changed the name and packaging. In essence, there is nothing new, and ultimately they can only attract consumers at a low price."

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