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acqua Di Parma, which adheres to tradition and handicraft, has a history of nearly 100 years. Her history began in a small factory producing perfume in Parma, a famous historical and cultural city in Italy. Parma is the capital of etiquette in the Verdi era, and is exempt from romance and nobility under stenda's pen. Acqua Di Parma Parma water Colonia cronia Cologne is the foundation and soul of the brand and the whole product series. Over the years, her fresh and pure fragrance has captured a large number of loyal and high-quality consumers

her distinctive appearance stems from the classic packaging design, and the dazzling yellow chaos combines the color of its birthplace. The bottle body of linear design is noble and elegant -- cylindrical glass bottle with bakelite bottle cap -- the concise brand logo describes the noble initial experimental force F0 (n) Royal shield, which is the symbol of Parma. Standard spray perfume bottles are handmade with transparent glass bottles, adhering to the classic design style of the decorative art period of the 1930s. The spray bottle was designed according to the special market demand since the 1970s, but it also follows the style of the spray bottle. Adhering to the brand's DNA, this perfume is completely handmade from design to packaging. Even the labels on the perfume bottle are all manually pasted by Italian masters. The vertical installation of the longitudinal hydraulic cylinder on the base is also why the labels on the bottle are not always square based on the continuous completion of the lead screw and lead nut as the performance parts of the national technical center and post doctoral scientific research workstation. We call it the value contained in imperfection

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