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The cfg file sharing of various deployment scenarios in kamailio/opensips environment

kamailio and openisps is now step 1: first check the open source soft switch platform with very popular software. Based on the above two platforms, users can configure a variety of SIP application scenarios, especially after docking and integration with the media server, which greatly expands its specific business functions. In the market, the most important use scenario is the integration of the soft switch platform and the media server. Through the integration with the media server, the voice service capability can be controlled and expanded. At present, the media servers used by most users are asterisks or freesw Vice Premier Ma Kai, who is the leader of the "national leading group for new material industry development" itch. Therefore, how to realize kamailio/opensips docking with asterisk or freeswitch is a very important topic. In the docking integration process, the CFG configuration file of kamailio or opensips is the core of system integration


cfg file controls all processes of SIP processing. However, in most cases, CFG files are written differently for different configuration scenarios. If the reader is not a user who is very familiar with SIP call flow or CFG configuration, writing CFG files is the biggest challenge that must be faced. The open source community has made a lot of contributions in this regard. Some enthusiastic open source technicians have continuously shared their own technical documents and helped many users through gradual accumulation. What we share with readers below is the CFG files of various kamailio/opensips configuration scenarios shared by a system technician. These configuration files can be used to easily realize the functional configuration required by users

instructions for use:

1) readers must understand the installation process of kamailio/opensips

2) readers must understand the operation configuration of asterisk or freeswitch, including installation, dialing rules, registration, etc

3) users need to understand the loading syntax of CFG configuration files and cli commands

4) users need to modify their local configuration environment, including database, port, IP address, etc

the main supported configuration scenarios include:

load balancing, and load balancing through kamailio/opensips

opensips configuration as a simple SBC function

opensips incoming and outgoing call management

stateless settings

speed dial settings

failure processing control

topology hiding settings

this kind of method simple TLS connection

webrtc configuration of early media streaming processing

NAT settings

the following is the CFG update record of the specific scenario configuration. Users can download the CFG g, Modify to your own environment for testing

kamailio configuration:

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