Under the latest upsurge of new energy vehicles, M

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Under the upsurge of new energy vehicles, Midea launched core components into new energy vehicles

under the upsurge of new energy vehicles, Midea launched core components into new energy vehicles. On May 17, a message on the official official account of Midea Group attracted the attention of the industry. The title was the release of new products of Midea. At first glance, Midea wanted to build cars. From the follow-up action, it was not the case

on the afternoon of May 18, the mechanical and electrical business group of Midea Group released five products of three systems, namely, CO2 rotary automobile electric compressor, EPS motor for automatic/auxiliary driving, main drive motor, electronic water pump and electronic oil pump, and officially launched mass production of products to fully enter the field of new energy vehicles

let's take a look at the five products released this time, including drive motor, electronic water pump, electronic oil pump, electric compressor and EPS motor. Are the core components of new energy vehicles. Regardless of their technical level, the ability to produce these five products shows that the main character of this time Midea's Weiling automobile sector has strong pertinence and certain technical R & D capabilities

it is reported that Weiling Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Midea Group, started the research and development of automobile motors ten years ago, the research and development of air conditioning compressors for electric vehicles five years ago, and the establishment of Weiling Auto Parts Co., Ltd. three years ago. Welling Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has laid out auto parts products with motors, electronic controls and compressors as the core, involving motor drive system, No. 6 fatigue testing machine, thermal management system and auxiliary/auto drive system during the test and detection process

in the words of Midea Group, the company has achieved independent R & D and mass production of core components

at the press conference, chenjintao, general manager of Weiling auto parts, said that after increasing the research and development of incremental components of new energy vehicles in 2015 and 2016, their R & D investment now exceeds 100million US dollars

Weiling Auto Parts Co., Ltd., as an important processing equipment, is very strange to many people. In fact, it belongs to Midea's electromechanical business group. It became an independent company in 2018. The legal representative is Fu Yongjun, President of Midea's electromechanical business group

before the press conference, welling auto parts company kept a low profile and hardly appeared in the public view. What is better known is that as a manufacturer of home appliance components, Weiling is the first manufacturer of core electromechanical components of white appliances. For every three air conditioners in the world, there is one motor made by Weiling

it is natural to cut into incremental parts. Midea produces 220million motors every year. The purchase volume is not comparable to that of other companies. They can get good raw materials at preferential prices. They also have relatively mature automatic production lines and can quickly set up production

this year, the automobile market is particularly lively. Consumer electronics enterprises have announced to enter the field of new energy vehicles in order to avoid being injured by internal exposed wires or components. First, Xiaomi spent a lot of money to set up a subsidiary to take charge of the intelligent electric vehicle business, and then Skyworth automobile brand officially released the coatings adopted in these places outdoors. Previously, Midea Group also said that it only makes auto parts and will not directly build cars

why do so many cross-border brands, especially household appliance brands, enter the automotive industry? In the general direction, the car may be the second smart home scenario in the future, with huge room for business value growth; From the perspective of enterprises, the household appliance industry is currently transitioning from the incremental market to the stock market, so the growth space is compressed, and enterprises must look for new profit points. For Midea Group, only one target of double 500billion yuan has been achieved, and the annual revenue is less than 300billion yuan. Moreover, the share price of Midea Group has been falling since February this year, which requires a new growth curve and a new story

Midea, as a supplier, provides core components for new energy automobile enterprises. Compared with the whole vehicle, the risk level is lower. After all, at this stage, the demand of b-end is more stable than that of C-end. In addition, its main business is household appliances. It should be Midea's expectation to continue to achieve results in the direction of high-end and ecological. It should be after these goals are fully achieved to enter the vehicle industry

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