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Under the dome, let's act together

introduction: the recently popular "under the dome" has once again focused the public's attention on climate issues such as smog and environmental protection, set off a broad discussion and upsurge of environmental protection, and will become a hot topic of the two sessions. As a global energy efficiency management expert, Schneider Electric has been helping enterprises improve energy efficiency with its comprehensive and advanced energy efficiency management products and solutions. A report shows that there are more than three million data centers in the world, and the total carbon dioxide emissions of these data centers can exceed the emissions of the entire aviation industry in only five years. Facing the huge energy consumption of data centers, Sweden is building the world's first climate friendly data center, which will also be one of the 13 data centers worldwide that meet the highest security needs. Schneider Electric became part of the creation of this data center and provided it with comprehensive energy efficiency solutions and products to help achieve sustainable development goals

on March 4, 2015, Beijing, Sweden, will build the world's first climate friendly data center, ecodatacenter, which will be one of the 13 data centers worldwide that meet the highest security needs. Ecodatacenter was jointly initiated by Falu energi vatten, an energy company of Fallon, and ecodc ab. Schneider Electric will provide technical support in energy efficiency solutions and products. "This is the highest output composite component project in the automotive industry

ICT (information and communications technology) It is becoming a new field in energy efficiency management. As a global pillar, the cost of interconnection and cloud is growing. The ICT industry alone consumes 10% of the world's electricity. A data center usually needs more power than a medium-sized city. A large part of this energy is not fully utilized, but is released into the atmosphere in the form of heat energy, which leads to global and local climate warming. There are currently more than three million data centers worldwide. According to some reports, the total carbon dioxide emissions of these data centers can exceed the emissions of the entire aviation industry in only five years

the founding of ecodc AB also determined the structure of the tensile testing machine. Brge Granli, one of the people, said that this development means the increase of energy demand and will also affect the environmental conditions to a large extent. This is a cost driver that needs a new way of thinking

due to the cold climate, reliable renewable energy, stable political situation and few natural disasters, Sweden has proved to be an ideal area for the safe construction of data centers. In the risk index rankings of Cushman Wakefield and hurleypalmerflatt data centers, Sweden is the third safest country in the world, second only to the United States and the United Kingdom

the world's first climate friendly data center

the ecodatacenter in Fallon will be connected with the local energy system. This energy system won the global district energy climate award 2013 in New York in 2013 and was selected as one of the best energy systems in the world. Excess heat from servers and it equipment will heat the buildings in Fallon through the district heating system. In summer, the excess steam generated by local power equipment will be used to run the cooling machines in the data center. Bengt Gustafsson, CEO of Falu energy vatten energy company, said: the cooperation between the data center and the district heating system will ensure the reduction of emissions, so that ecodatacenter can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions within one year. We have connected the data center to the sustainable energy system and made full use of all energy to achieve the world's first climate friendly data center

the power support of the data center is all from renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and secondary biofuels

both high security and world-class performance

ecodatacenter is expected to reach the level of the international Uptime Institute tier IV. in addition, only 12 data centers in the world can reach this level. The data center will also have a very high performance level, which can guarantee 100% uptime. In addition, ecodatacenter will meet the highest possible security standards

through cooperation with Schneider Electric, the world's leading energy efficiency management expert, ecodatacenter will have a wide range of energy efficiency solutions and product portfolio

Marc nezet, general manager of Schneider Electric Sweden, said: we live in an era when people are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the global data center industry. The popularization of Internet and the development of IOT do not have to sacrifice the environment. It security and performance are also the focus of companies and organizations. So we are very proud to be part of this groundbreaking data center. Ecodatacenter is a model of green data, which further proves that breaking the routine can also bring considerable benefits

green is benefit

b rge Granli said: through ecodatacenter, we can prove that green can save costs. The energy efficiency of the data center is much higher than that of the conventional data center. The integration of district heating and cooling systems shows that energy can be fully utilized rather than wasted. This can reduce the cost of both customers and us

the data center consists of three buildings, the first of which will be completed in the first quarter of 2016


the three buildings cover 23250 square meters

18 MW of electricity

normal operation time: 100%

energy resources: sun, wind, water and biofuels

security level: the fourth level (the highest existing level), the data center is protected by concrete exterior walls and advanced security, control and monitoring systems

energy use efficiency (PUE): less than 1.15 (grade IV design)

the environment-friendly design has won the platinum award LEED platinum certification

roof plants cool it in summer

climate: the average temperature is 5 ℃, and the maximum temperature exceeds 25 ℃ on 22 days every year

station channel: it is 2km away from the expressway and 25km away from the airport. It is two hours' train ride away from Stockholm with the gradual formation of the domestic aluminum alloy cable market

according to the statistics of business Sweden, Nord pool spot and the UK Department of energy climate change, the Swedish electricity energy cost is 40%-50% lower than the UK electricity price

for more information about energy data centers, please visit the station or watch the video:

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