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The impact of nanotechnology on packaging and printing industry (Part 2)

the impact of nanotechnology on packaging and printing equipment

the ink supply system of printing machine is an important component to ensure normal printing. The function of ink roller is to transfer ink to the surface of printing plate. Therefore, the choice of ink roller material is very important to the printing quality. The use of nano materials can change the elastoplasticity, oil resistance, acid resistance, solvent resistance, anti-aging, ink affinity, transmission and wear resistance of ink rollers, so as to stabilize the printing transmission conditions. Similarly, the use of nano materials can improve the quality of printing blanket, thus stabilizing the printing conditions and improving the printing quality

nanotechnology will also be applied in transmission. For example, the micro electromechanical system (MEMS) can place 1million micro machines on a silicon chip, and each machine has an electronic control system. Texas has used MEMS technology to develop chips to display video images. With such a fine sensor transmission device installed on the printing press, the pressure, speed and position can be adjusted and controlled very accurately

the main problem of printing equipment is mechanical accuracy. One is the inherent defects caused by the level of manufacturing technology in the manufacturing process; The second is the failure caused by mechanical wear in the process of printing production. The main components easy to wear in printing equipment include: gear, cam, journal and shaft sleeve (or eccentric sleeve) of cylinder, etc. With the application of nanotechnology, the precision and wear resistance of key components can be greatly improved, the maintenance cost can be reduced, and the printing quality of the products of manufacturers that produce automobile suspension springs and motorcycle damping springs, or automobile, motorcycle industries and shock absorbers can be improved. By using nanotechnology, nano packaging system can be developed. The traditional packaging and printing products will be updated by making various types of additives at the micron level into nano level products. At the same time, the nanotechnology industry will promote the precision manufacturing technology to the whole packaging and printing industry through the manufacturing and application of nano powder and film

target prospect of industrialization of nano packaging and printing

the share of packaging and printing industry in the national economy has ranked 14th, with an annual output value of more than 300billion yuan, an annual increase of about 15%. Undoubtedly, China is a big packaging country in the world, but it is not a powerful packaging country. The combination of environmental protection, it technology and nanotechnology will be the development direction of this discipline

the focus of nano packaging industry is packaging materials and packaging technology. As far as the current situation is concerned, the research and application of nanotechnology in packaging is still in its infancy. However, nanotechnology will become the "commanding height" in the world packaging field. In the past, most of the advanced equipment, materials and technologies in China's packaging industry were imported. The emergence of nanotechnology will bring opportunities for the development and technological innovation of China's packaging industry. We must speed up the process of technological innovation and strive to be in the forefront of the world. Nano, will realize my dream of packaging power

impact with any technology 12 Engine power: like the exchange servo motor drive system, the market is very concerned about nanotechnology. At present, the global nanotechnology turnover has exceeded 50billion US dollars/year. Nanotechnology will completely change the current industrial structure and breed huge business opportunities. According to the nanotechnology report of Stanford Business information consulting company, the market scale of nano materials in the world is expected to exceed 200billion US dollars by 2010, which will soon show people a dreamy era

although the scientific community and the business community have made a lot of efforts, their contact channels are not smooth enough, and the business community's understanding of nanotechnology needs to be gradually improved. After all, nanotechnology is a high-tech, and mature technologies are needed in the process of transforming it into industry. These mature technologies in material synthesis and material addition need to be consistent with the enterprise process flow. As a result, a new industry - Nano industry has emerged

in the manufacturing industry, some people call nano technology "industrial monosodium glutamate". Because, when nanoparticles are added to many traditional materials, a series of new functions can be improved or obtained, resulting in an amazing new look. This improvement is not necessarily expensive, but it makes the products more competitive in the market

it is very difficult to change the original products and manufacturing technology of packaging and printing enterprises with nanotechnology. In fact, as a manufacturing technology, nanotechnology can produce many unexpected products with brand-new characteristics and reduced impact on the environment. For example, take "chalk and shell" as an example. These two things have the same texture, both of which are calcium carbonate, but in terms of hardness, one is brittle and the other is very hard, with completely different properties. From this point of view, it is possible to improve their texture by using nanotechnology manufacturing process. Therefore, nanotechnology is not only a means to improve texture, but also an important manufacturing technology, which is also one of the important topics for enterprise development in the future. From the perspective of successful enterprises in Kansai region of Japan, almost all of them are related to the research or use of nanotechnology. Therefore, for Japanese enterprises, the application of nanotechnology is a very effective means to make differences among enterprises. A Japanese scientist even said: "in the future, enterprises that have nothing to do with nanotechnology will inevitably collapse."

in order to make China's packaging industry play a role in the industrialization of nanotechnology in the 21st century, we should consider the frontiers, strategies and fundamentals. At present, we should continue to do a good job in the connection between basic research and application research and the transformation of achievements, study the modification and technical transformation of traditional packaging and printing materials by nano synthesis and nano addition, expand the application scope of nano materials in packaging and printing, improve the content of high and new technology, and seize the industrial opportunity, Achieve leapfrog development. Obviously, whoever wants to stand at the forefront of the world's most high-tech field in the 21st century should take a step ahead in the field of nanotechnology

at present, in China, the modification of nano packaging and printing materials is closer to application. It is necessary to find the combination point between the application of nanotechnology and the practical technology system, so that nanotechnology can be applied as soon as possible. "Nano plastics will be one of the most promising nanotechnologies to realize industrialization in China," said the chief scientist of the national 973 nano field In the field of packaging and printing, breakthroughs have been made in nano ink, nano pigment, nano paper, nano film, polymer based nanocomposites, nano luminescent materials, nano antibacterial packaging, nano adhesive, nano anti-counterfeiting printing, nano military protective packaging, nano green packaging, nano photolithography printing technology, nano magnetic printing, etc. some have been preliminarily industrialized, and the evaluation methods for nano materials and nanostructures are basically complete, It has reached the international advanced level in the late 1990s

therefore, in the next step, we must speed up the combination of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, take key demonstration enterprises as a breakthrough, promote the development of nano industry, focus on building a number of promotion and demonstration enterprises, introduce a number of new nano technologies and products, and look for a number of research units relying on nano technologies. Experts from institutions of higher learning and research institutions engaged in nanotechnology packaging and printing application research, as well as entrepreneurs developing nanotechnology and nano material packaging and printing applications, jointly set up the "National Nanotechnology packaging and Printing Application Research Association", which is subordinate to the China Packaging Federation and undertakes consulting, planning, technical training, and Research topics and coordination and guidance of the industrialization of nano packaging printing. We should lose no time in introducing nanotechnology and take the lead in opening the door to the field of nano packaging and printing

the application and development of nanotechnology and nano materials provide a golden opportunity for China's packaging industry. This opportunity cannot be missed and will never come again. The China Packaging Federation, which exercises the management function of the national packaging industry, is duty bound to seize this opportunity, adhere to the principle of "doing something, not doing something", highlight the key points, strengthen support, and pay close attention to it for several years, which will be effective

"just look at tomorrow's packaging. It's the world of nano."

there is a Western proverb: "opportunity always falls on the people who are prepared." The wisdom of a nanotechnology expert: "developed countries are still on the eve of nanotechnology industrialization, and there are leapfrog development opportunities in China." Is China's packaging and printing industry ready to face the development opportunity of the leapfrog industrialization of nanotechnology in our country? This is a strategy of far-reaching significance, which will surely bear the heavy historical task and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

source: Chinese Electromechanical Enterprises

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