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To meet the needs of these customers, rk print coat instruments introduced the latest VCM (versatile coating machine) concept. Each machine is customized to meet the specific needs of a specific user or industry. According to the introduction of RK company, the company has sold several such machines at present, including a device used for holographic image processing. Sony presented relevant achievements (speech No.: 2f17) at the "56th battery seminar in Japan" opened on November 11, 2015. This device uses a variety of coating methods for selection

schiavi CL 660 Unica's front and rear series configuration


among processors who show interest in VCM, professional gravure users are also included. However, because VCM has the ability to handle hot melt coating, gravure lithography (printing and coating), reverse gravure coating, roll liner scraper coating, extrusion coating, metering rod coating, flexo coating and dry/wet composite, anti-counterfeiting developers, substrate suppliers, research institutions and major packaging companies have also shown considerable interest. Tom kerchiss, the managing director of the company, pointed out: "although the basic concept of coating has not changed much over the years, every step of coating has been improved to meet the development of coating formula and the needs of customers and the market. Through the use of solvent-free and high solid composition formula, and VOC (volatile organic compounds) For better control, processors are paying more and more attention to the requirements of environmental protection. With the increase of various special applications, the combination of high barrier films for food flexible packaging and measures to prevent counterfeiting have provided many opportunities for manufacturers like us. "

processors are seeking higher processing speed and the ability to accurately coat thinner and more varied substrates. The production capacity of Mistral coating/laminating machine provided by uteco is said to be up to 350 m/min. in addition, its advantages include shorter live parts replacement time and multiple coating capacity. This machine is suitable for PE, PP, OPP, bopp/met, pet, PVC, nylon, aluminum foil and paper. It can be used for solvent coating, water-based coating, solvent-free coating, dry coating, wet composite, glazing, Im register coating, hot melt coating, heat sealing and cold sealing

in addition, there are several choices for the printing width of this machine: 1200mm and 1400mm, and the coating width is 1100mm and 1300mm. It is designed for high production, easy to use (touch screen control), easy cleaning, easy maintenance and rapid product replacement. Mistral coating and laminating machine also adopts the Smartpack software of uteco, which can optimize multiple laminating processes in flexible packaging production. Smartpack software also provides management control functions to automatically and completely monitor and diagnose the entire production cycle. In addition, this machine can also be equipped with a six meter long high-efficiency drying channel, which can ensure high-speed production and low solvent residue in composite production

according to the introduction of Starna industries, there is a coating formula that has been proved to be very successful in the application of flexible packaging, safety packaging (hologram) and digital printing (inkjet), that is, curecoat and curecoat HV

it is said that curecoat is a multifunctional, quick drying, water-soluble coating formula, which can be used as the basic coating of coated/uncoated paper, aluminum foil and textiles. Starna industries is a supplier in the UK and Europe. According to the company, curecoat can also be used as the base coating for metallized films and papers. Flexo coating, roller coating and gravure coating can be used for coating, and hot air or infrared ray can be used for drying and curing. The similar product curecoat HV is specially coated for silk and flat plate

this product can give the product a silky luster. Because the film is light, the drying speed is very fast. This product is a good choice for those occasions that require high gloss or the substrate is difficult to handle. It contains no phthalates, VOC (volatile organic compounds) or HAP (harmful air pollutants)

information source: packaging, printing and processing, October 2005 (from: converting today)

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