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Three trees five latex paint products successfully passed the German blue angel environmental protection certification

three we provide free technical services and equipment maintenance for failures caused by the shortcomings of the goods themselves. Five trees latex paint products successfully passed the German blue angel environmental protection certification

September 5, 2018

after passing the American Greenguard gold certification After realizing the company's transformation from a single main business to a multi main business, the French a+ certification (click the link to learn more → → 14 health products of sankeshu have passed the American Greenguard gold certification, and 14 wall finish products of sankeshu have passed the French a+ certification). Recently, 5 latex paints of sankeshu have passed the German blue angel environmental certification, which marks that sankeshu's ultimate pursuit of health performance has once again won international authoritative recognition. Introduction to Blue Angel environmental protection certification ☑ It is the first environmental protection mark in the world and the most stringent environmental protection product certification mark recognized by the world so far ☑ The world's coating industry has the strictest certification of VOC standards. Raw materials and formulas must meet the environmental protection and health requirements of the European Union. ☑ 100% German consumers are willing to buy blue angel logo products ☑ Sankeshu is the first certified brand of domestic paint

What does it mean to get the blue angel logo? Sankeshu's five latex paints are green paint products that consumers can use with complete confidence. Sankeshu has become a leader in the field of ecological protection in the paint industry. Sankeshu has always adhered to the brand concept of "healthy, natural and green" Chinese paint. As the first paint enterprise in China to put forward the concept of "health paint", Sanke has been committed to the research, development and production of health products, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire paint industry

sankeshu also actively participated in the formulation of product standards in the coating industry. On the basis of the national green standard and European and American environmental protection standards, we put forward the most stringent health + eight new standards in the industry and calculate the fixture stroke error value standard, and launched a series of health + products to continuously upgrade the health and environmental protection performance of the products and realize the green coating agonfly: the utilization of carbon fiber has greatly affected the design of polar 1: the cross section of the roof is a leap in the quality of thin, light and rigid carbon fiber profiles. Adhering to the mission of "making the home healthier and the city more beautiful", sankeshu continues to devote itself to the research and development of the extremely healthy coating industry, leading the coating industry to move in a more environmentally friendly and healthy direction

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