Five major projects with an investment of 4.8 bill

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Shahe City has invested 4.8 billion yuan in five major projects to lead the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry

install a piece of glass on the wall and a small power station. When the light is on, the electric fan and the refrigerator are started after repeated experiments and customer verification, and the sound can be heard from the TV and radio The 320MW solar thin film battery project, which was laid in Shahe on October 16, will make this wish a reality

320mw solar thin film battery is the latest product developed by Wuhan University of technology with the support of Hebei Yingxin group on the basis of digesting and absorbing the mature technology of Bell Laboratories in the United States. The total investment of the project is 29. 500million yuan, a green amorphous silicon industry encouraged by the state, with an annual relative energy saving (equivalent to standard coal) of more than 400000 tons after it is put into operation. This means the transformation of Shahe glass industry from traditional glass industry to green power industry, and the transformation of products from simple building materials products to mass end consumer goods

investment of great bright industrial group company 3. RMB 500million, invested by Chengfeng glass products Co., Ltd. 6. Four projects, including the 8.6 billion yuan glass deep processing project, laid the foundation simultaneously on the first day of the Shahe investment environment description and project promotion conference

Shahe is a key county and city in the province for energy conservation and emission reduction. Since 2007, the city has demolished 170 chimneys on a large scale for eight times, eliminated 194 closed backward production lines, eliminated 42.68 million weight boxes of backward glass production capacity, and reduced 11542 tons of sulfur dioxide and 970 tons of cod970. At the same time, Shahe City has made great efforts to improve technology and technological transformation, and comprehensively promote the technical level of industry, industry and enterprises

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