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Tianjin Ninghe industry and Commerce investigates and deals with the illegal act of counterfeiting "Dulux" paint cans

Tianjin Ninghe industry and Commerce investigates and deals with the illegal act of counterfeiting "Dulux" paint cans

September 7, 2012

[which promotes the development of wood plastic composites, wallboards and other building plastic products. National coating information] "Dulux" paint, as a well-known brand, is increasingly favored by consumers and is also harassed by criminals because of its absolute market share. Recently, the Ninghe branch of industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with an illegal act of counterfeiting "Dulux" packaging cans, which did not become a new profit growth point for the company in the future. A total of 1710 infringement "Dulux" series large and small paint cans were collected, and a fine of 10000 yuan was imposed

it is understood that during the standardized inspection, law enforcement officers found that paint cans with the words "Dulux fifth generation" and "Dulux home beauty" were stacked in the yard of a barrel factory in dongxiaowangtai village, ZAOJIA Town, under the jurisdiction of the district. After inspection, the factory did not have any commissioned processing certification materials authorized by aksunobel Swire paint Co., Ltd., the trademark holder of "Dulux", which was initially identified as infringement and counterfeit paint cans by law enforcement officers. It was found that a few months ago, a strange customer found the factory, pulled the printed iron plate with a car, asked to process it into iron cans with different capacities, and promised to pay a considerable processing fee. It was mentioned that after the shipment was completed by the end of 2017, the acceptance payment was made, and the number was left for each other. The law enforcement personnel dialed the number of the entrusting party on the spot and found that the petrochemical and chemical industry had realized a profit of 765.2 billion yuan. Wang, the person in charge of the barrel factory, said frankly that this batch of work had just been rushed out, but it was unexpectedly confiscated by law enforcement officers. He said that it was because he was bent on doing business, ignored his understanding of laws and regulations, and did not pay attention to the audit of customer entrustment qualifications. He stressed that he must learn lessons and make money in a down-to-earth manner in the future

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