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Five industrial national specifications of Dongxu group were approved

recently, the national specifications of five industries in the flat panel display substrate glass industry reported by Dongxu group were officially published but sold after being approved by the State Administration of quality inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee. This means that relying on its core technology, Dongxu group has further expanded its influence in the substrate glass industry and strengthened the central position in the industry

this 5 ② stipulates that the supply of TPE, a national standard for the industry of experimental machine items, will be tight, which are respectively the standard for the packaging and disassembly of flat panel display substrate glass, the standard for the edge conditions of flat panel display substrate glass, the standard for flat panel display substrate glass, the test method for the vitrification durability of flat panel display substrate, and the terminology of flat panel display substrate glass. Some people in the flat panel display substrate glass industry implied that the release of the national specifications of the five industries of Dongxu group will reverse the long-standing situation of the lack of specifications and standards and inconsistent specifications in China's flat panel display substrate glass industry, promote the cessation of product manufacturing in the industry and the improvement of smooth efficiency, and promote the development of flat panel display substrate glass industry standards and health

it is understood that as early as 2011, Dongxu group started the preparatory work for the standardization of flat panel display substrate glass, and determined the purpose Organization report of the group's project development center at the end of 2013. In more than two years, the group's project development center and liquid crystal technology center actively coordinated with the national semiconductor method and data standardization committee and other units, and repeatedly demonstrated and corrected the discussion meetings, revision meetings, pre-trial meetings and other meetings of the expert group in the British industry, and finally completed the work of the draft specification in four periods: drafting, soliciting opinions, submitting for approval and submitting for approval

at present, Dongxu group is close to developing into a large comprehensive enterprise group with businesses covering optoelectronics, new energy, financial investment and other fields, with a total asset of 65billion yuan. Its optoelectronic display business is mainly undertaken by its listed company dongxuguang 1 on the special leaf spring experimental machine. In April this year, Dongxu optoelectronics was located at 8 in Fuqing City, Fujian Province. The 5th generation base plate glass consumption line has been established, which is independently developed by Dongxu optoelectronics. The 5th generation LCD glass substrate consumption line is the first high-generation glass substrate consumption line of float process in China. After completion, it will take the lead in realizing the localization of high-generation LCD glass

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