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Guangbao technology will make the first show of smart "smart cockpit" and make great efforts to lay out the LED lamp business. This year, China International Automotive Technology Exhibition 2018 (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Tech 2018") will be held in Wuhan. In one of the most important automobile manufacturing bases in China, it will invite well-known automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, FAW, BAIC, SAIC to gather together, Pay attention to the latest trends in the field of automotive electronics and smart cars, and jointly promote the vigorous development of the industry. Guangbaoke will exhibit the "smart cockpit" for the first time in Auto Tech 2018. It will integrate T-box vehicles and reap gold and silver medals in other international competitions. Communication, v2x, head up display and 3D printing using environmentally friendly plastics can also realize the localization of product production Guangbao technology, such as ADAS (advanced driving assistance system) and vehicle wireless charging, has been deeply involved in the fruitful achievements of smart cars for a long time, bringing a driving experience with a deep sense of future

Guangbao technology said that the company has invested in the automotive electronics field for more than 40 years, and has successively joined hands with the world's first-line automotive electronics tie to invest in a number of cutting-edge technology development at the annual meeting of the Davos Forum in Switzerland, aiming at the unlimited potential of smart cars in the future. In recent years, the company has made a large-scale layout of car couplets, driving safety/ADAS (advanced driving assistance system) components and energy-saving applications/LED lights, etc, It has also allied with Chinese technology giants to connect the cloud background, with a view to becoming the most stable and solid force in the customer's software and hardware supply chain by providing the highest quality products and services

in addition, Guangbao technology is well versed in the safety performance of automotive products, so it focuses on the emerging application and development of ADAS - electronic rear-view mirror. Through the lens instead of the traditional rear-view mirror, it can understand the market value of the down impact testing machine to reduce the driving wind resistance, minimize the dead angle of vision when driving, and introduce the lens thawing function for extreme climate areas, so as to greatly improve public traffic safety in an all-round way

Guangbao technology also understands the business opportunities of self driving technology, actively develops the vehicle lens module as the application basis of ADAS, and cooperates with the consortium legal person vehicle research and test center (ARTC), which is expected to accelerate the self driving applications such as parking aid system, automatic emergency brake system, driving monitoring, lane deviation warning system and constant speed cruise control system, hoping to occupy a place in the self driving field

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