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Shenhua will set up the banner of the largest single coal to methanol project in China

if there is no accident, after creating the miracle of the largest single coal to liquid project in China and even in the world, China Shenhua Group will soon set up the banner of the largest single coal to methanol project in Yulin, Northern Shaanxi

it is understood that the annual output of this expensive coal to methanol project will not be less than 4million tons, and it is one of the previously rumored "Shaanxi Yulin Shenhua Dow comprehensive coal chemical project" (hereinafter referred to as "ShenTao project"). The ShenTao project was affected by the unilateral withdrawal of Dow in the United States. It was quietly transformed at the end of 2014, and became a new situation dominated by Shenhua Group and led by several large state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi Province. Since then, ShenTao project was officially renamed as "Shenhua circular economy coal comprehensive utilization project" (Shenhua Shanbei 100 billion coal chemical project), and was officially approved by the national development and Reform Commission in march2015 (fgny [2015] No. 508)

even so, Shenhua Shanbei 100 billion coal chemical project has not officially started the construction of large-scale projects. Although zhaozhengyong, Secretary of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, and louqinjian, governor of Shaanxi Province, led a huge commencement ceremony after the approval of the national development and Reform Commission, the project has made little progress so far

"however, if the construction of 4million tons of coal to methanol is officially announced within this year, the overall situation of Shenhua North Shaanxi 100 billion coal chemical project will be announced to be fully opened." Some key officials of Shenmu county confirmed the news to China business daily on an informal occasion. It is said that the project is located in the north area of Qingshui Coal Chemical Industrial Park, Yushen Industrial Park, Shenmu county. It is a major coal deep processing demonstration project planned by the state, with a total investment of 121.6 billion yuan. It mainly builds 13million tons of coal mines, 700000 kW cogeneration units and 23 sets of chemical plants, using coal as raw materials, through coal gasification, methanol synthesis, methanol to olefins Olefin derivatives and other processes produce 2186500 tons of chemical products per year

coal to methanol first

Shenhua Group has a unique voice in the path of coal to methanol to olefins

2010, in the southwest of halinger Town, Jiuyuan District, Baotou City, Shenhua Group completed the world's first super large coal chemical project using coal as raw material to produce polyolefin plastics through coal gasification to methanol, methanol conversion to olefins, and olefin polymerization. Its core methanol to olefin unit adopts DMTO (methanol to light olefin) process technology with China's independent intellectual property rights

at that time, the total investment of the project was 17billion yuan, and the construction scale was: 1.8 million tons/year coal to methanol, 600000 tons/year methanol, making it the preferred UV absorber among all coatings with low discoloration requirements, such as olefin, 300000 tons/year polyethylene, 300000 tons/year polypropylene, 4 sets of 60000 cubic meters/hour time and space separation oxygen production, 3 sets of 480 tons/hour evaporation thermal power plants, auxiliary production facilities and utilities

from the perspective of technological progress, the process and technical route adopted by the Shenhua Baotou coal to olefin demonstration project at that time had integrated technologies including coal gasification, syngas purification, methanol synthesis, methanol to olefin, olefin separation, olefin polymerization, etc

under this background, domestic coal to olefin projects have made rapid development in recent years. Including the coal to olefin project newly built by Shaanxi coal group in Pucheng, Weinan, Shaanxi Province using DMTO second generation technology, they have also obtained a lot of technical support from Shenhua Baotou coal to olefin

in addition to being the core raw material for coal to olefins, coal to methanol is also widely used in methanol gasoline, pure methanol fuel and other fields. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, the national output of methanol reached 37.407 million tons in 2014, an increase of 26.2% year-on-year. In terms of total proportion, coal to methanol (including coke oven gas) has accounted for more than 75% of China's total methanol production capacity

from the perspective of capacity distribution, with the Ordos Basin as the center, the coal to methanol capacity of Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Shanxi provinces accounts for more than 50% of the total national capacity. The region is very concentrated, and there is a huge space for in-situ deep processing

"it is expected that Shenhua Shanbei 100 billion coal chemical project will take the lead in the construction of coal to methanol project. Earlier, we predicted that there would be no hope in 2015, but according to the latest information, Shenhua is not willing to wait. According to the latest information we have, Shenhua has decided to start the coal to methanol project first." The aforementioned Shenmu county official disclosed that

it is learned from many sources that the land, water, electricity and other early-stage support work required by the project has been coordinated by Shenmu county. Moreover, some preliminary works of civil engineering have been quietly carried out

as a matter of fact, Shenhua has already started to arrange troops for the 100 billion coal chemical project in Northern Shaanxi several years ago. For example, on december30,2010, Shaanxi Province transferred 62.32% of the equity of Shaanxi Shenmu chemical company, the largest coal to methanol production enterprise in China at that time, to Shenhua coal to oil company

after the acquisition of Shaanxi Shenmu chemical company, Shenhua coal to liquid company held the listing ceremony of Yulin chemical branch in may2012, and invested 11.3 billion yuan to start the processing project of methanol downstream products, which can become the core supplier of Yulin ShenTao project

since then, focusing on the extension of the downstream industry of coal to methanol, the supporting new 300000 t/a polyethylene and 300000 t/a polypropylene projects of Huawei will also be put into full operation in the near future

it is not difficult to find that if the 4million ton coal to methanol project mentioned above is quickly started, Shenhua will form the largest domestic production capacity of coal to methanol to olefins in Shenmu, Yulin

according to the analysis of huqianlin and other domestic coal chemical industry research experts, under the current situation of low international oil prices, most domestic coal to olefin projects that have been put into operation have achieved stable profits. On the other hand, coal to gas, coal to oil, coal to dimethyl ether and coal to ethylene glycol have suffered serious losses

boost local transformation

due to the abundant local coal resources, Shenmu is called "China's Kuwait" by the people. This small city, located in the northernmost part of Shaanxi Province, was home to more than 2000 billionaires at the peak of coal prices. It is also China's largest Lantan base, China's largest PVC base, the largest thermal power base in the west, the largest float glass base in the west, and the largest calcium carbide base in the West, Therefore, it plays an important role in China's national energy security system

In fact, Shenhua Group, which has grown into a giant in the international and domestic energy markets, also originated in the shenmufugu area. In 1985, Huaneng clean coal company was established. According to the requirements of that time, during the "Seventh Five Year Plan" period, in order to speed up the national energy construction, the central government proposed to build a super large coal base - Shenfu Dongsheng coalfield to solve the energy shortage in the economically developed and energy demanding areas in the East and Southeast. Therefore, Huaneng clean coal company was established

since then, Shenhua Group was formally established in 1995, and its Shendong coal mine is still the largest coal mine with unit yield under Shenhua, serving the local economic development for a long time

look at Yulin from the divine wood. According to the data, the predicted coal reserves in Yulin City are 271.4 billion tons. By the end of 2010, the proved resource reserves are about 149billion tons, accounting for 86% of the proved coal resources in Shaanxi. It is also this special resource endowment that has led to Yulin's economy being highly dependent on coal resources. In particular, the coal price has plummeted in recent twoorthree years, resulting in a serious downturn in Yulin's economy

they replaced the traditional fuel vehicles

"Shenhua Northern Shaanxi 100 billion coal chemical project has not come easily. It has experienced various hardships for more than ten years. We must set this project as a model to boost the transformation and development of local economy", lichunlin, member of the Standing Committee of Yulin Municipal Party committee and vice mayor of Rockwell hardness scale, told this newspaper that Shenhua, as one of the most important central energy enterprises in China, Many large-scale energy and coal chemical projects have been developed in Yulin, and the local government will continue to give strong support in the future

lichunlin also confirmed the news that Shenhua 4million ton coal to methanol project is expected to start within this year. However, he said that the final time was still decided by the enterprises and the local governments fully cooperated

earlier, this newspaper learned from Shaanxi development and Reform Commission that in 2015, Shaanxi Province arranged 48 key projects with an investment of 78.1 billion yuan. Among them, 16 projects including Shenhua Shaanxi methanol downstream processing and Yulin refinery 150000 T/a reforming and reconstruction will be built, and 17 projects including Shenhua Yulin coal chemical project will be substantially started

it is not difficult to see that if the 4million ton coal to methanol project can be started within this year, it means that the largest investment project in the history of Shaanxi Province has begun to break

in addition to the coal to methanol and coal to methanol to olefin projects, the above-mentioned Shenhua Shanbei 100 billion coal chemical project was given a variety of expectations by Yulin at that time

"coal chemical industry can be fully extended to the field of fine chemical industry. We look forward to taking Shenhua as the leader, Shenmu, Yulin and Shaanxi as the base, to be able to dry up the coal resources here, make full use of the materials, and drive Yulin's salt chemical industry in an all-round way, or a situation in which a variety of chemical industry chains go hand in hand." On September 18, an official of Shaanxi Energy Bureau said at the successful commencement ceremony of Yankuang 1million ton coal to liquid project held in Yuyang District, Yulin city

according to the data, Yulin is a spectacular coal sea in the north, an endless gas field in the west, and a vast reservoir of rock salt in the south. It has an average underground wealth of 1billion yuan per square kilometer of land. The potential value of mineral resources is 40.6 trillion yuan, accounting for about 95% of Shaanxi Province. It is a rare energy and mineral rich place in the world in China

it is learned from relevant insiders of Shenhua coal to liquid company that the specific direction of Shenhua Shanbei 100 billion coal chemical industry, which mainly produces alcohol, ether and ester, has been determined, and it is also considering introducing some international advanced front-end technologies. However, all process paths are uncertain and cannot be finalized at present

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