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Baomeng o200 micro photoelectric sensor: reliable detection of difficult objects

the o200 series micro photoelectric sensor with IO link interface launched by baomeng is an ideal solution for detecting difficult objects in a narrow space. They have the ability to resist ambient light interference introduced by the above person in charge, which can provide accurate measurement results. At the same time, the sensing distance is not affected by the object color, and can ensure absolute reliability even in demanding applications

the o200 diffuse reflective sensor with background suppression is a leader in the industry. They have excellent anti ambient light interference ability without any impact on the speed. With more powerful functions, this series of sensors can easily detect dark or bright objects such as the shell, and the detection distance is up to 120 mm. To extend the detection distance, activate the high power mode of the o200 sensor through the IO link interface. Realize further lightweight of automotive functional parts and semi-structural parts; The o200 sensor equipped with V-shaped optical elements can emit a focused beam with a diameter of only 1.2 mm at an angle to the receiver. In addition to detecting the smallest identifiable objects, they can also easily detect bright or transparent objects, such as glass bottles in laboratory automation systems. In addition, the o200smartreflect smart counter, which does not need reflectors, has achieved industrialization in 43 projects throughout the year. The emission photoelectric sensor is particularly suitable for installation in extremely compact machinery and equipment, For example, for a very expensive clean room "For example, most of the works composed of waste materials are plastic equipment. They have the reliability of photoelectric sensors, but do not need reflective plates or separate receivers, and the detection distance is up to 180 mm. For a longer detection distance, you can choose the mirror reflection sensor with a detection distance of up to 4 meters and the reflection sensor with a detection distance of up to 6 meters in this series of products.

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