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Huoshan County comprehensively controls industrial pollution and promotes healthy economic development in recent years, in the development of industrial economy, our county has strictly implemented the environmental impact assessment and the three Simultaneities system, controlled the environmental pollution generated by new industrial projects, strengthened the stable and up to standard emission of enterprises, and strengthened the energy conservation and emission reduction of industrial enterprises. The enterprises have achieved sound and rapid development

CHENFENG Paper Co., Ltd. is one of the key sewage discharge enterprises in Huoshan County and a national medium-sized paper enterprise, with an annual production capacity of 64000 tons. Put the required columns into the tank. The company has eight papermaking production lines, mainly using the waste paper after the tensile testing machine has been used for a period of time as raw material to produce medium and high-grade striped kraft paper, chicken skin paper, refined kraft paper, paper, etc. In the process of development, the enterprise attaches great importance to the control of the combustion performance of the board core that does not meet the requirements of the new national standard and the national code for fire protection design of buildings to reach the level B1 Standard. In 2006, the company invested 14.8 million yuan to implement cleaner production and advanced wastewater treatment projects, which were put into operation in the same year. After two years of operation, the project has passed the single acceptance of environmental protection, and all emission indicators have reached the relevant national standards, which has completely solved the bottleneck restricting the development of the company. At the same time, during the production process, the boiler room uses rice husk fuel instead of coal during the use of fuel, avoiding the generation of sulfur dioxide. Through a series of technical transformation such as cleaner production technology transformation and variable frequency motor, the enterprise can save 500000 yuan in energy consumption in the whole year

in recent years, in the process of industrial development, Huoshan County has comprehensively controlled industrial pollution, carried out comprehensive utilization of waste, strictly implemented environmental impact assessment and the three Simultaneities system, controlled environmental pollution from new industrial projects, and ensured stable discharge up to standard. We will also formulate preferential policies to encourage the development of scientific, environmental and resource-based enterprises, pay attention to the development of circular economy, and vigorously promote the reduction, recycling and harmless cleaner production process and ISO14000 environmental management certification. Over the past few years, 30 projects with pollution or waste of resources, such as painting, electroplating and wood processing, have been dissuaded. 15 enterprises with serious pollution have been shut down and 16 have been converted to production. 81 enterprises have been focused on pollution control, and all of them have passed the standard acceptance of provincial and municipal environmental protection departments. At present, the county has built 3 wastewater treatment facilities and 16 sets of 3 key new chemical materials, with a total investment of 160million yuan

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